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"Price is what you pay; value is what you get."

Warren Buffett


Because each design is so unique, prices for cakes are greatly dependent on the design and complexity of the execution.


Start at:

4" round (smash cake)
6" round
8" round
10" round

4" and 6" rounds
6" and 8" rounds

6" and 10" rounds
8" and 10" rounds



Barbie cake

Need help deciding which size to order? Check out our Cake Serving Guide!

The following are base prices and go up depending on decorations such as fondant, fresh flowers, etc. 

Decorated Cookies

All cookies are individually packaged and heat-sealed.

Simple - Starting at $70 per dozen


  • Up to two designs

  • Up to three colors

  • Basic shapes

  • Minimal details

Rocknrowe cookie

* Most popular! *

Detailed - Starting at $80 per dozen


  • Up to four designs

  • Up to five colors

  • Airbrushing

  • Light metallic gold/silver details


Elaborate - Starting at $90 per dozen


  • Up to six designs

  • Unlimited colors

  • Hand-painting

  • Heavy metallic gold details

  • Include character designs

Pet portraits

Drop Cookies

*Minimum 6 days notice required*

Plain sugar cookies - $20 per dozen
Chocolate sea salt cookies - $25 per dozen



Go above and beyond by adding custom-made cupcake toppers. Details available here

Start at $35 per dozen


Mini Cupcakes

Start at $20 per dozen

*Minimum two dozen of same flavor required.*

Mini cupcakes

Prices subject to change without notice.

Please note: Two weeks minimum notice required for custom orders.
Any order placed within two weeks will be charged a rush fee.

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